LIMITLESS - Return to Play Guidelines


  •  Players will enter and exit directly on the court they are training on.

  • Only players and coaches are allowed to be in the building. 

  •  Players must wait in their cars and cannot enter until a coach calls you in. 

  • Once you enter the facility you need to go through the daily screening procedures.

  • Face mask must be worn when entering and cannot be taken off until screening has been completed.

  •  Players need to wear their face mask when they go the bathroom and right after the session ends.

  • Players do not need to wear mask while they are training. 

  • Players will be required to thoroughly clean their basketball before and after the session ends. 

  • Players must bring their own water. Players and coaches will social distance and remain 6 ft apart during the session. 

  • Players will not be allowed to shoot around before the session during phase . 

  • Bathrooms will be limited to two players at a time. 

  • There will be a 15 minute break in-between group sessions. 

  • We can have live scrimmaging. 


Your health is our number one priority. Therefore we are requiring all athletes and coaches to be screened once they enter the facility.  Part of the screening process will be answering questions about symptoms and exposure to COVID-19.  These questions will be answered on a printable form.  The screening forms needs to be printed out and fully answered each day. These forms will be email out once you register.  If your child has experienced any of these symptoms today or in the last 24-hours please do not bring them to any Limitless activities.  Immediately contact your local healthcare provider for medical advice.
Please wear your mask until your screening is completed.
*Temperature Checks (temperatures will be taken daily. Temperatures greater than 100.4: Parents will be called immediately.
Form Questions:
  • Do you have a fever?
  • Do you currently have cough or shortness of breath?
  • Is your cough or shortness of breath new or worse than normal?
  • Are you experiencing any other NEW symptoms listed below which may be associated with COVID-19?
 *New loss of taste or smell *Chills or shaking *Muscle aches and pains *Vomiting or diarrhea *Sore Throat 

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