Travel Season Guide

Travel Season Guide

    Team Communication: 

    HOW TO USE THE LIMITLESS APP (Click on each item)
    Getting Started

    • Schedules can be seen on the app
    • Please RSVP for each event so coaches know who will be at practice
    • SYNC SCHEDULE - When on the schedule click on the arrow at the top left corner to sync schedule to calendar. 
    • TOURNAMENT GAME SCHEDULES - We do not get game schedules until Thursday morning the week of the tournament.

    Roster & Communication

    • Under roster you can see the teams full list.
    • Click on a players name to see parent contact information
    • Please do all communication through the app
    • There is already a build in team chat.
    • Parents can create private 1 to 1 messages or create a group with selected members of the team.

    Practice (Attendance) 
    • All players are expected to show up to practice. It’s hard for our coaches to help players improve individually and help put a solid team on the floor if players are always missing practices. 
    • If player is hurt they are expected to show up to practice. Important they do not miss things that are being taught. (We understand if a player is sick or has a serious painful injury. We won’t expect them to be at practice.) 
    • We expect players to be ready to learn and on time to practice. 
    • Must bring practice jersey to every practice. 
    • Make sure players show up on time and if they are running late please let the coach know
    • Make sure you have the TeamSnap app downloaded. 
    • Please contact your teams coach in the app if your child will miss practice.


    • Tournaments (2-4 games each tournament) Tournaments will consist of two 40 min games on the day
    • Regional Teams - will play in tournaments around the Chicagoland area no more than hour from Barrington. 
    • Elite Teams - Some elite teams will play in tournaments out of state
    • ***TOURNAMENT GAME SCHEDULE will not be available until Thursday morning the week of the tournament.
    • Please do not ask coaches for schedules before Thursday afternoon we will not have the schedule before then. 

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