Year Round Program

Our year-round program is a very popular program. We have over 30 + players that have committed to year-round training. If your child loves the sport and is seriously interested in playing basketball, this is the program for you.

The year-round program is designed to provide a highly valuable, yet more affordable option to players possessing this degree of dedication and aspiration. year-round players get 3 full seasons of basketball, unlimited skills sessions, select seasonal camps and other ad hoc events for a single price of $3500 per year (billed monthly). If you were to pay for each of these seasons plus the extra skills sessions, etc. on an a la carte basis, you would spend in excess of $5000.

For the athlete that has a serious interest in playing basketball at the high school level, he/she can't put the ball in the closet during the off-season. The reality is that many of the other kids are working 12 months out of the year to improve their skills and put themselves in the best position to succeed at the high school level. The year-round program will help players improve their skills, fundamentals, and basketball IQ. While improving basketball skills is critical, especially at younger ages, it is the improvement of the player�¢??s athletic skills that will elevate them to the next level. To get to that level, the year-round program includes speed & agility training as well as yoga. Speed and agility training and yoga not only improves an athlete's strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, balance, quickness and conditioning, it also is important for injury prevention.

  • What is Included in the Year Round Program:

  • Fall Season (End of August-October)
    • Fall Travel Ball (4 Tournaments)
    • Skills training available 3 nights weekly
    • Sunday open gym
    • Speed and Agility

    Winter Season (November- End of February)

    • Winter travel team (7 Tournaments)
    • Team Dell's Trip
    • Skills training 2 nights weekly

    Spring Season (March- End of May)

    • Spring AAU travel team 
    • Skills training available 3 nights weekly
    • All skills camps and classes (spring break camp, speed and agility, yoga)

    Summer Season (June - Mid August)

    • Summer Day Camp 9am-3pm (Our most popular summer program)
    • Breakfast Club (6:30a-9:00a Training)
    • Evening Dribbling Clinic (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)  
    • Speed and Agility
    • Yoga

Benefits of the Year Round Program: 

    • Unlimited skills camps and classes.
    •  Summer training is unlimited. Most players improve the most during the summer by taking advantage of training several times a day.
    • 3 seasons of travel AAU
    • Coaches implement a plan for your development, and track your progress and keep the player accountable.
    • Become an overall better athlete (Speed and Agility, Yoga)
    • Coaches that truly care and want what's best for the athlete.

What is not included in the Year Round Program: 

    • Private lessons
    • Winter break elite camp (50% off)
    • Summer elite camp (50% off)
    • Guest coach clinic or camp
    • Summer Travel AAU

        Program Cost

        Program Cost: $3500
        Payment Options:
        • Pay in full
        • 12 Monthly Payments ($1000 down and 11 monthly payments of $227.27
        • Two Payments (two $1750 payments)

        ** If you have any issues with the down payment please contact Dawaun Wells

        *Note:  Players can sign up for the year round at the beginning of any season.  Seasons run fall, winter, spring, and summer. The monthly payment schedule will run for 4 seasons.

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