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Year Round Program

Our year-round program is a very popular program.  We have over 30 + players that have committed to year-round training. If your child loves the sport and is seriously interested in playing basketball, this is the program for you.

The year-round program is designed to provide a highly valuable, yet more affordable option to players possessing this degree of dedication and aspiration. year-round players get 3 full seasons of basketball, unlimited skills sessions, select seasonal camps and other ad hoc events for a single price of $3500 per year (billed monthly). If you were to pay for each of these seasons plus the extra skills sessions, etc. on an a la carte basis, you would spend in excess of $5000.

For the athlete that has a serious interest in playing basketball at the high school level, he/she can't put the ball in the closet during the off-season. The reality is that many of the other kids are working 12 months out of the year to improve their skills and put themselves in the best position to succeed at the high school level. The year-round program will help players improve their skills, fundamentals, and basketball IQ.  While improving basketball skills is critical, especially at younger ages, it is the improvement of the player’s athletic skills that will elevate them to the next level.  To get to that level, the year-round program includes speed & agility training as well as yoga.  Speed and agility training and yoga not only improves an athlete's strength, speed, power, endurance, agility, balance, quickness and conditioning,  it also is important for injury prevention.  

Whats Included in the program:

FALL 2018
  • Fall Travel Travel (August 26th-November 5th)
  • Sunday Night Open Gym/Skills
  • All Skills Camps
  • Speed and Agility
WINTER 2018 (Nov 12th - Feb 28th)
  • Winter Travel Team 
  • Team Dell's Trip
  • Skills training two nights weekly
SPRING 2019 (March 15th-May 25th)
  • Spring AAU Travel Teams
  •  All Skills Camps and Classes
    • Spring Break Camp
    • Speed and Agility
    • Yoga
SUMMER 2019 (June 4th-August 10th)
·  All Skills Camps and Classes  (This includes our most popular summer program our all day camp 9:00a-3:00p)
·  Speed and Agility 
·  Yoga


Benefits of the Year-Round Program

  • Unlimited skills camps and classes 
  • Summer training is unlimited.  Most players improve the most during the summer by taking advantage of training several times a day.
  • 3 Seasons of travel AAU 
    • High School (Fall, Spring, Summer)
    • 3rd-8th Grade (Fall, Winter, Spring)
  • Coaches implement a plan for your development, and track your progress and keep the player accountable.
  • Become a better overall athlete (Speed & Agility and Yoga)
  • Coaches that truly care and want what's best for the athlete.  

What is not included in the year-round program?


  • Private lessons or private small group training
  • Winter Break Elite camp (50% off)
  • Guest coach camps or clinics


During the fall season players will participate in fall training camp and fall league to help get them prepared for their high school season. During the winter season Nov-Feb we will offer 12 Sunday skills so athletes can keep their skills sharp throughout the season.  There will be more than one option to train on Sundays during the high school season.  Also on (no school days and winter break), skills training will be available.  We will need athlete's team practice schedule so we can work around practice times (Won't have until Nov).  High school days off will vary depending on what high school a athlete attends. Below is a list of off days and holidays from school calendars: 

No School Days

  • Thanksgiving Break- Nov 21-23 (Most schools some are off just 22-23)
  • Winter Break- Dec 24-7 (All High Schools)
  • Teacher Work Day- MONDAY, Jan. 7 (Stevenson & Barrington) 
  • King Day- MONDAY, Jan 21st (All High Schools)
  • Late Start- 10:30a THURSDAY, Feb. 14 (Stevenson)
  • No School- FRIDAY, Feb. 15 (Barrington)
  • President Day- MONDAY, Feb. 18 (All High Schools)

High School Sunday Skill Dates:

*November: 11/11, 11/18, 11/25
*December: 12/2, 12/9, 12/16    
*January: 1/6, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27   
*February: 2/3, 2/10                   

1. Are the number of skills sessions the same each season?
 Skills will be offered every season at least twice a week.   
2. Where will the skills camps/classes and AAU practices be held?
Skills camps/classes and AAU practices will be held mostly in Barrington.  We will offer some satellite sites in Lake Zurich, Palatine, Arlington Heights, and Deerfield.
3.  How long are the AAU Travel seasons?
  • Summer: Mid June-August 5th
  • Fall: End of August-November 5th
  • Winter: November 6th-February 24th
  • Spring: Mid-March-June 2nd
4. What happens if an athlete gets injured?
  If a player is injured during a Limitless activity the refund price will depend on when in the program the injury occurs.  This is one reason why monthly payments are recommended.
5.  What happens if I cancel my year around membership?
 There will be a $100 cancellation fee (No cancellation fee if the athlete is injured)


Please see the options to pay below:





To select the monthly Fall Year Round option there will be a $650 down payment than 11 monthly payment of $259.09  If you have any issues with the down payment please contact Dawaun Wells
*Note: This is Fall Year Round Session, there will be a registration made for every season for new players to join the program.  The monthly payment schedule will vary depending on what season a athlete joins.