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Read more about our coaching philosophy and learn what players and parents can expect from their Limitless experience.


At Limitless, we want to help players get better. But we also want players to develop a long-lasting love for the game. By encouraging their children—not just during good times, but during the biggest struggles—parents can play a critical role in the process.


I agree to ENCOURAGE GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP AT ALL TIMES. I will ensure that my child treats other players, coaches, fans, and officials with respect, regardless of race, sex or ability.

I understand that because of the time spent evaluating my child during workouts, practice, games, meetings and on film, MY CHILD’S COACH HAS A MORE  COMPLETE PICTURE OF MY CHILD’S SKILLS THAN I DO. I agree not to “coach from the sidelines” or undermine coaches in conversations with my child.  ​

I will remember that THE GAME IS FOR THE PLAYERS, NOT THE ADULTS. I will place the emotional and physical wellbeing of my child above my desire to win.

I understand that Limitless coaches want to win, and that MY CHILD’S PLAYING TIME IS DETERMINED BY THE ROLE THEY PLAY IN HELPING THE TEAM WIN. I understand that coaches favor players who have great attitudes, who work hard every day, who embrace their role (regardless of what that role is) and who support the program’s culture.

I agree that coaching philosophies, playing time and other players are not for discussion. I WILL BE RESPECTFUL OF THE COACH'S TIME WITH THE PLAYERS before and during halftime, timeouts, and practices or games.

Finally, I will respect the “24 hour rule.” if I am dissatisfied with something that occurs during a practice or game, I WILL WAIT AT LEAST 24 HOURS TO ADDRESS IT WITH COACHES, and then do so respectfully in a setting away from the players. 


Playing on a Limitless travel team? Here are some essentials to know.


  • Rosters are listed within the Team Stack app. Under “Roster,” you can see the team’s full list of players.

  • Click on a player’s name to see parent contact information.

  • Please use Team Stack for all communications with coaches and players.

  • Use the built-in team chat for team conversations.

  • Parents can create private 1-to-1 messages or create a group with selected members of the team.

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