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St. Matthews - 24500 N. Old McHenry Rd., Lake Zurich, IL

*Limited to 30 Participants


Enhance your basketball skills this summer at our Dribbling Camp, designed to help players of all levels refine their ball handling and dribbling techniques. Throughout this four-week program, participants will master the art of controlling the basketball with both hands, ensuring they can maintain pace and precision even at full speed.

In addition to fundamental skills, our camp focuses on advanced strategies such as attacking downhill and exploiting angles effectively. Players will learn to vary their speed, employ deceptive tactics, and adjust their height to navigate past defenders with ease. Great footwork is the cornerstone of expert dribbling, and our curriculum is tailored to instill these critical skills.

While our camp serves as an invaluable tool for improvement, it is the daily practice of these techniques that will lead to mastery. You won't become a dribbling expert overnight, but you will acquire the essential skills and daily routines necessary to enhance your performance continually. Regardless of your current skill level, we offer tailored training groups to suit each player's needs. Join us this June and elevate your game at our Dribbling Camp!


Mondays & Wednesdays

Grade & Schedule

(Current School Year 2023-2024 )


5:00-6:15p I 3rd-5th Grade

6:15-7:30p I 6th-8th Grade

7:30-8:45p I 8th-12th Grade


Mondays: 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24 

Wednesdays: 6/5, 6/12, 6/19, 6/26


$200 I 8 Sessions

-No drop in must commit to full camp


St. Matthews - 24500 N. Old McHenry Rd., Lake Zurich, IL 


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